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We currently are growing and selling MICROGREENS right here in Jacksonville, Florida at our indoor garden. We are preparing our plot of Land for our PRODUCE to be available for sell in Early 2019. Our products will be available at local farmer's markets, restaurants, and by subscription (for delivery). To find out where we will be next, please contact us or stay tuned to our updates on this site and social media.

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Always Non-GMO & Organically Grown

Our MICROGREENS are grown organically, using non- GMO seeds, vegan-organic soil, and filtered tap water in our indoor garden. No pesticides of any kind are ever used. Our packaging is made from plants, eco- friendly, BPA-free, not synthetic plastic. Simply CLEAN and GREEN all the way around! All of our PRODUCE will be grown with natural organic methods, meaning that no chemical fertilizers, sprays, or pesticides will be used.

Our Story

Before we share our story, let us clarify the name. "KRAVEY" is a name I came up with before my wife and I got married; we would run races and ride bike races together. It represents both our names in one. Krystal and me, Davey, which is the name only she and her family call me lol. Together we are KRAVEY :-) The name stuck after all these years. When the idea of this business conceptualized during the 1st trimester of Krystal's pregnancy, I prayed and knew that whatever we did would need to represent us as one unit, hence the name.

"GARDENS", well, we started off with a dream of owning a garden large enough to feed our family and community. As this dream unfolded into reality, little did we know we could make this into a business called Urban Farming. So YES, we are Urban Farmers currently in production with MICROGREENS at our indoor garden, while working with smaller outdoor gardens around the city. Our large garden plot of Land will be farmed for PRODUCE and will be ready to harvest in Early 2019.

KRAVEY GARDENS is the product of a seed planted in Fall 2016. We were living in Orlando, FL when we discovered that my wife and I were about to embark the journey of parenthood together for the first time. Knowing what a big change this would bring to our lives I went out on a jog to take time to pray and meditate for direction in my life. What I found was a vision planted that day: to live longer and healthier so that I can enjoy life with my unborn child. This sparked a passion to not just learn how to eat, but to learn how to grow it and teach our baby how to do the same. Once my son was born in the summer of 2017, this passion turned into a hobby and dream. Countless hours were dedicated to learning, studying, and researching every sustainable form of living ‘off the land’ by only consuming what you grow. From this, a desire grew to not just teach my son and family, but to encourage the community around me to do the same. Then I learned about Urban Farming and the opportunity to not only eat this way, but support my family while doing so. Here, my wife and I got very excited and we diligently prayed and saved up money to allow God to lead us in the direction He had planned for us. Fast forward to March 2018, our son was 9 months old now and we had started a little garden in our backyard but nothing more. At this time, God clearly spoke to me to buy Land in Jacksonville for a garden. That’s it, not knowing where or how big or any other details, my wife and I set out to find this Land while still living and working in Orlando. Then unexpectedly, my job downsized and reduced my position of 14 years; the same week, Krystal’s job had an open position in none other than Jacksonville. We took this as a sign and moved to Jacksonville in late July 2018. Ever since, we have actively pursued the Land that God asked us to find, while learning and growing with other like-minded seasoned Urban Farmers within the cit.

Little did we know that our first journey as parents together would be so much more than not just bringing a life into this world, but how this new life was going to birth a new passion within us! Here we are 2 years later: we've launched this business, we finally purchased the plot of Land for our PRODUCE, and we are currently growing/selling MICROGREENS at local Farmers Markets and Restaurants too!

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